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Basic Website for Crowd Funding for App 

Deen Hacks 

Our team has created a captivating website with a noble objective - to rally the community and raise £5000 for the development of an innovative Islamic app. At DesignedByN, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to empower individuals in their faith journey, and Deen Hacks shares this vision wholeheartedly.

Our team has meticulously designed a captivating website that effectively communicates the significance and impact of this community-driven project. Through the website, visitors will be inspired to contribute towards the fundraising goal and become an integral part of this transformative endeavor. We created a blog, linked their crowdfunding page and even created a promotional video. DesignedByN is honored to have partnered with Deen Hacks to create a website that embodies their vision for an innovative Islamic app. Together, we can create a platform that empowers individuals to embrace their faith and cultivate a deeper understanding of Islam in an accessible and technologically advanced manner.

Objective: Basic Website Promoting Crowdfunding For A Mobile App

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