About designedbyn

Website Creation, Brand Content, & UI Design. 

Designedbyn is a start up creative agency. The founders have multiple years of marketing experience under their belt and are now set to bring a breath of fresh air into your brand. 

The power of branding is more than aesthetics. It is how a brand makes your customer base feel.

We provide a creative solution to bringing your business online.

We are a Birmingham (UK) based business who offer to help you stand out in a world where everything is now digital.

We bring to the table: awe-inspired copy writing, an understanding of market-driving factors, excellent relationship building and a whole LOT of CREATIVE ENERGY. 

Read about our values below to gain an insight in how we can help you!





The market in which you’re building your business is saturated and you want to stand out from the crowd?

We have the simple solution to making you stand out: Feelings.

We build brands using the core values behind your business to create an impactful statement to your clients and customers.

This will allow them to remember who you are and what you stand for as a primary factor in why they will choose you over the rest.

They say less, is more. Our designers make an upmost effort to ensure that your key values are portrayed as a forefront.

Whatever your forte, we will ensure that your service is depicted clearly without any distractions or misdirection towards your customer base.

Being Simple 



Whether your idea is fun, straight forward, or detailed; we will ensure that your clientele will know that you mean business.

No matter the USP or the service, we will allow your vision to be witnessed with clear and concise direction.

Creativity is the bridge between thinking of an idea and bringing that idea to life.


At the core of Designedbyn- we are creative individuals who understand the concepts and techniques to provide ideas and solutions which translate business plans and projects into an attractive, awe-inspiring, and customer-forward platform.


We aim to do as our company name suggest: CREATE your ideal brand to connect to your audience on an emotional level.

We want to help you create a brand which your target-audience relates to convenience, uniqueness, solutions, and satisfaction.

Being Creative



We build a personal connection with our clients to then create a personal connection with your target demographic.


We put our time and care into researching the background of your niche and pinpoint the defining factors in why your business is so crucial to your clientele.

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