Deen Hacks

Deen hacks aims to bridge the gap between our hectic lives and our religion by providing a platform in which individuals from any background and any level of experience can learn and set goals to become more in touch with Islam.

They want to create easy to use solutions which can make it simpler to keep up with prayers, general worship and togetherness within our Muslim community.

The about us page features poppy graphics and a very modern and sleek design.

There is also a stunning video (produced by Designedbyn) which features a concept version of the Deen Hacks mobile app set to be released.

It also features an "about us" section which explains the vision and motivations behind the project.

This feature page includes a blog section which allows the brand to communicate with their customer base.

The interactivity goes further by providing social media gateways and exciting brand images.

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